Israel Krush

Israel Krush

CEO & Co-Founder @ Hyro


Israel Krush is the CEO & Co-Founder @ Hyro


Hyro is a Conversational AI company that uses natural language and computational linguistics to turn complex content into simple dialogue. Developed as a plug & play solution, Hyro automatically stands up voice assistants, chatbots and virtual agents that help companies create stellar customer journeys, grow bottom-line revenue, and reduce support costs. Featuring frictionless deployment and maintenance processes that don’t require integrations, playbooks or training data, Hyro easily adds new use cases so businesses can scale as priorities change. Enterprises across the US are using Hyro to quickly deliver and analyze AI-powered conversations, accessible to customers 24/7, and on their terms. Our vision is to simplify digital interactions across all channels, so that companies can converse easily, convert more, and collect actionable customer insights along the way