Naim Shehadeh

Prof. Naim Shehadeh

Director of the Institute of Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism @ Rambam Health Care Campus

An endocrinologist, he graduated from the Ruth & Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine of the Technion-Israel Institute of Techology (1983). He then pursued residencies in pediatrics and endocrinology at Rambam Health Care Campus and completed his postgraduate research training at the Barbara Davis Center for the Study of Diabetes in Denver, Colorado (USA).

Dr. Shehadeh’s main research and clinical interests include the pathogenesis and prevention of Type 1 diabetes mellitus; trials into the prevention of diabetes complications; development of a community intervention program for prevention of obesity and diabetes in high-risk communities; and development of a new infant formula enriched with bioactive hormones such as insulin.

Dr. Shehadeh has received a number of research and innovation awards including the Hershel Rich Technion Innovation Award (2002 & 2008) and the Raymond and Miriam Klein Technion Research Award (2006).